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Ok, so today has been a very busy day.  A friend of mine was decorating for her niece’s wedding.  I was supposed to go and take some pictures of her decorations to put on her website ( since I have a digital SLR camera.  Well her niece asked her if I could take pictures of their wedding.  They were having a simple wedding and didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  I told them as long as they understood that I am not a photographer that I would.

So I ended up taking 728 pictures!  I gave the mother of the bride the SD card so now it’s up to them to decide what pictures they want to print.  The mother called me later to tell me thank you that the pictures were great.  I am so glad they turned out good and that they are happy with them.

So now if I could just combine what little talent I have with a camera with doing bookcovers maybe I could do more with them.

Anyway, just glad today is over.  I am so tired and my feet hurt so much from being on my feet all day.  Off to bed and then get ready for a birthday party tomorrow!