So, I think I’m getting better at the book covers.  I have two more in the works that I need to get done.  Got to get one of the books read so I can determine what to put on it.  The author wants to release before Christmas!  Wow, going to be busy.

Speaking of Christmas….there are only 15 more shopping days….if you don’t count today and Christmas Eve.  I don’t go shopping on Christmas Eve unless it is absolutely necessary!  I at least have my child’s gifts all taken care of.  Now if I can just do all the rest….still have parents and hubby to buy for oh and let’s not forget the usual gamut of school name drawing, Sunday school name drawing, teacher gifts (school and Sunday School).  Then there is the office ornament exchange.  And then there are the parties that food has to be made for.  Then of course Christmas itself.  Which we normally just do Christmas brunch since my hubby and I are only children his parents and mine just get together and that’s it!  Done….enjoy the rest of the day in front of the fireplace watching my son play with toys and just relax.  Hubby usually disappears to his shop to piddle around.  He has to be doing something.  Can’t sit still.  🙂

Now as far as work goes, I am in the accounting department which means we are trying to get things wrapped up for year end which means after New Year’s I’m swamped for at least the next two to three weeks! Joy, joy! 😦

So everyone enjoy your holidays and spend time with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Gingerbread church my son made last year at age 8.