Ok so many of you out there are setting your goals for the new year.  I’m going to try and focus on one goal.  I really enjoy creating book covers for the couple of authors that are my friends.  I would really like to do more covers for more people.  First I need to really dig in and learn exactly what all is involved in doing a cover the right way.

I’m very happy with the covers I’ve already done but I already see where I could have done some of them better.  I’m sure I’ve probably been taking the long way around to get these covers done when I’m sure there are many shortcuts to doing something a lot easier and quicker.

I also want to be able to branch out and do more than just ebook covers.  Ebooks are easier to be because, well, all you need is the front of the book.  I need to learn more about sizes needed, pixels, dpi…all that technical stuff I don’t understand yet.  Also, I need to know what the best program is for creating all this wonderful artwork and how to use it.

I’m not going to stress myself over this because I can’t afford to stop everything else I’m doing to just focus on this.  Can’t do that, I hved a regular day job, a nine-year-old boy (enough said), a husband, and friends and family I don’t want to ignore to do this.  Besides my house needs to be cleaned at least once a month….hahahaha!

But for those of you out there that need a cheap book cover and don’t want to have to do it yourself just let me know.  Just shoot me an email that you’re looking for a book cover and we’ll go from there.