Ok so I’ve been following a couple of blog tours the past few days.  Oh my gosh, I didn’t know there were so many indie authors out there!  And so many are really, really good.  I have so many samples I’ve downloaded and books I’ve won that I don’t think I’ll ever get them all read.  But you can bet your sweet patootie I’m up for that challenge. 😀

I’ve been following the blog posts of quite a few authors and I must say they are some of the nicest, witty, and unbelievable people.  I hope they all achieve their wildest dreams.

I’ve also been introduced to some genres that I normally don’t read and discovering that I’m liking a whole lot more out there now.  I was stuck for so long with reading nothing but historical romances that didn’t make it much past horse and buggy days, but I’ve run the gamut from those to paranormal, crime dramas, comedy, etc.  However, my favorite right now has got to be paranormal romances.

So, indie authors, keep ’em coming!  We are reading them more than you think.