So, I really want to create book covers.  I’ve always loved book covers.  I can remember growing up and my mom reading all those romance novels and thinking how pretty the women were in their big flowing southern belle dresses and the how the men were so handsome in their civil war uniforms.

Wow, have those covers changed!  And now that I’m all grown up and reading them myself…were those guys really that HOT then like they are now?  Oh my!  *blushing* 🙂

Anyway, I started out on my cover art mission last year.  My friend was writing her second book and I was reading it as she wrote it.  (You think it’s bad waiting for the next book by an author?  You ought to try waiting for the next chapter.  Geez! heehee).  Anyway, while I was reading that book I thought hmmm….I’ve done some flyers before for different places.  I do them in Microsoft Word by inserting pictures and text.  They look pretty good.  So I thought, well, I’m going to play around with some pics that go along with my friend’s book.  So I created this with a pic she had:

After Detective Kerry Harrison's partner dies, she is paired with Ethan James who is both good-looking and infuriating. They are assigned to a murder case in which Kerry and Ethan disagree about the guilt of the suspect. Further research into the case causes them to find that there have been similar murders in other places and that the suspects are all members of a secret club. Kerry finds out that Ethan not only knows most of the suspects, but also has knowledge of the club. Their partnership and friendship is tested when Kerry learns the true nature of the club... and Ethan's involvement.

Club Blood by Lauralynn Elliott

I sent it to her and she really liked it.  So I played around with it and made it all nice and neat.  Blurred a little here…played with a little color there, and there it is.

So, I did a few more covers with Microsoft Word and they were pretty good I thought.

But then I discovered Corel……and layering….and transparency…and….well you get the picture.

A love has been born.

I still love that first cover but now I think I’ve come a long way.  Can you tell a difference?

Haunted Lake

Haunted Lake by Lauralynn Elliott


So anyway, since I am still learning and no where near up to what other cover artists are doing, I offer up my meager services to those authors that need a cover but just can’t afford those professionals just yet.  So for a limited time I am offering to do book covers (for eBooks only at this time) for only $50.  I can use stock photos from the internet, or pics the author has, or I can even take my digital SLR camera out for a ride and take some custom pics if needed.

Hopefully this will turn into a full-time job for me one of these days so that I can quit the (as Kait Nolan says) Evil Day Job!

Click on my Book Covers link to see more of my work. And if you like what you see and would like to contact me about doing a cover for you just email me at and we can start creating together to make your book come alive and hopefully jump off the screen for readers to buy!

Thanks for looking!