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Ok, so I’m a terrible blogger.  My last post was almost exactly a month ago.  Seeing as how I’m not a “writer” I guess this makes sense.  I can’t always think of what to say.  Sigh…..

But on a good note, I am working on the cover for Lauralynn Elliott’s newest book that will be coming out soon.  She is starting a new series about Libby Fox, a private investigator.  However, not all of Libby’s clients are the run of the mill human type so it should be interesting.  Who knew she would have to extend her office hours past 5pm?  But hey, when some of your clients don’t come out until dark…..a girl has to do what a girl has to do!  🙂

On the home front this is a crazy day!  I am supposed to be in four places at once!  Sure could use a few clones for myself and the family.  Ha!  Our American Cancer Society Relay for Life is over and done with but the wrap-up party is tonight after work.  I’m the team captain so I’m supposed to be there.  However, my son’s school year-end awards ceremony is also tonight, same time.  On top of that my son is supposed to be giving his 4-H demonstration at Regionals tonight in another town….also at the same time.  Then the wife of a former co-worker passed away and I so need to go to the funeral home tonight.  Needless to say, I can only do one.  So since my son wants to do his demonstration and a chance at another 1st place ribbon 🙂 we are going to that.  Someone else on our Relay team is going to the wrap-up for me so that helps there.  I guess the awards my son is supposed to get tonight he can pick them up at school tomorrow and ask for my co-worker I guess a heartfelt sympathy card will have to do for now. 😦

Hopefully it won’t be another month before I post again.  Maybe I can find something interesting to post about soon.  Remember if you need a book cover for your next ebook just let me know!  I’m much better at designing those than writing.  Or if you want someone to brainstorm about a book title I really like to do that too.  Don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t like the titles I come up with.  Depending on how tired I am and how late at night it is I can come up with some real interesting (ie. corny) titles! hahaha!