So I’m trying to figure out which book covers I have done that people seem to like the best. This will help me to make future covers the best they can be.  I think the cover should be a visual synopsis for the book as well as the written one.

Vote for the one you like best!  I’ll post the winner at the end of the week.

After Detective Kerry Harrison's partner dies, she is paired with Ethan James who is both good-looking and infuriating. They are assigned to a murder case in which Kerry and Ethan disagree about the guilt of the suspect. Further research into the case causes them to find that there have been similar murders in other places and that the suspects are all members of a secret club. Kerry finds out that Ethan not only knows most of the suspects, but also has knowledge of the club. Their partnership and friendship is tested when Kerry learns the true nature of the club... and Ethan's involvement.

Club Blood

Dark Relic

Eaters – Dark Journey 
Guardian Vampire
Guardian Vampire 
Haunted Lake
Haunted Lake 
The Last Cabbandeum 
Memphis Connection 
After losing her husband, Emily Adams leaves the life she has begun to hate and starts a new life in Maine, working for a well-known author. As she explores a path down to the rocky shoreline, she meets a very talented artist who is both attractive and mysterious. She finds herself falling for him, but there is something strange and puzzling about this man. Then Emily finds some old letters, journals and paintings which cause her to make a shocking discovery about the man she loves that changes everything about their relationship?and everything she believed about the world.
A Rocky Path 
Secrets of the Wolf 
When Maddi Drake inherits an old house from her great aunt, she decides to move in and fix it up. But it seems she isn't quite alone there. Then she meets the perfect man...so she thinks. But someone in the house disagrees. This novella combines a little mystery, a little humor, and a little romance for a quick, entertaining read.
See Me