Check out St. Patrick’s Day Special by JJ Toner.  If you like crime novels this one is good.  I normally don’t read much in this genre but I really liked this.


2004 Ireland is Tiger country. Aloysius Lafferty, one of Dublin’s biggest crime lords, specialises in armoured car heists, raids on post offices and “Tiger” kidnappings.

DI Ben Jordan of Dublin’s Organised Crime Unit has spent three years on Lafferty’s case when a lucky break uncovers the handgun used to kill one of Lafferty’s rivals. The trail leads Jordan to the low-life who pulled the trigger. To save his own skin, the shooter agrees to give evidence against Lafferty, and Jordan and his team hide him away in a country hotel.

But before the trial can start, the witness and his minder are shot, and the case against Lafferty collapses. Lafferty is released and goes on the offensive.