So I looked at my blog header and background and decided that I really didn’t like what I had.   The header seemed rather lame since that was when I first started creating book covers.  I’ve learned a lot since I started doing this.  So I decided to update my header banner.  What brought this on was that I designed a new banner for Lauralynn Elliott‘s blog and thought…geez mine looks like crap!  😦
Then I decided the background was a little too girly, girly for me.  If you’ve ever met me you will realize that I’m not much of a girly girl.  I like my dark colors and pastels just aren’t me.  So I looked for a new them that wouldn’t cause me to also have to do a lot of updating from what I already had.  Finally found one I liked.
So now I have a fresh looking blog that I believe shows a little more of what I do and what I’m like.  Hope you like it!