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I Love Fall

Fall means craft shows and I love craft shows!  The atmosphere at a craft show just seems to soak into my body and grab hold of me.  I enjoy shopping the vendors for crafts and food.  So many different things out there to discover.  The joy of finding a new craft I’ve never seen before or the comfort of the same people from year to year at the same craft show.  The discovery of a new food that stimulates my taste buds and leaves me wanting more…yum!  I think the smell of the food and eye catching colors at all the booths create some of the best feelings in the world.

However, the past few years at craft shows have just not been the same.  My mom and I used to go to every local craft show we could. Ever since she died a few years ago I really miss the time I spent with her at those shows.  They were “our thing” to do together.  Although I still enjoy going with my friends now it just feels like something is missing.

This year I actually have only been to one craft show.  I helped Lauralynn Elliott with her booth this weekend at the local Apple Festival.  I’ve helped her and her best friend set up for it the past several years, but the two of them were the ones who usually stayed the entire time and I was glad to leave it to them.  They could have their time together since they didn’t get to see each other as much as they used to since they lived so far apart.  For those of you who read Lauralynn’s post I know you already know that she lost her friend back in May and she misses her very much.  I’m glad I could help her out this weekend but I know it’s not the same as having your best friend you’ve done things with for years and years with you.  I know she had some rough spots this weekend but I hope I was able to help her through it a little easier.

Whether it’s your Mom or your best friend in the whole world it does leave an empty spot in your heart when you go to do the things you used to do with them and they aren’t there to share it.  I’m sure there are others of you out there that remember doing things you loved with your loved ones that are no longer here.  I hope however it doesn’t keep you from still doing those things.  Find a friend to take with you and do those things and make some new memories with them.  Your loved ones with still be there with you even if it’s only in your heart…and those memories will make you smile.