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Bartlett Rebooted by JJ Toner

Bartlett Rebooted by JJ Toner

JJ has released another one of his short stories from his anthology Ovolution and Other Stories. 

Here’s the blurb:

A university professor gets military funding for a madcap experiment.

There’s more to this story than just what the blurb tells you.  After one of the professor’s colleagues dies in an accident he and another partner decide to “reboot” their friend’s brain for a military experiment.  This story is not all dry and boring about just this experiment.  There are several times that I had to chuckle with what ensues between the three colleagues with making this experiment work.

The cover for this story was a lot of fun to do…as you can probably see 🙂  You need to read the story to find out why this cover is “special” as JJ says on his blog:  Wild Thoughts by JJ Toner.

Happy Reading!