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Vampires’ Curse by Lauralynn Elliott

Vampires' Curse - Libby Fox Trilogy

This is a trilogy of all of Lauralynn’s novellas in the Libby Fox series.  This was a great cover to design.  I’m thinking this is one of my favorites so far of those I have designed.


Below are descriptions from each novella in the trilogy.


Dark Relic – Vampires’ Curse

Libby Fox is just a regular private investigator, snooping on cheating business partners and wayward husbands. That is, until Adam Ryder walks into her office and asks her to find a missing person. Before she even gets a chance to do much investigating, it turns out that the missing person has been kidnapped to force a trade for a beautiful and dangerous artifact, and Libby’s job description changes to hostage exchange. But there is more to her client than she could possibly have realized, and Libby is drawn into a world darker than she dreamed had existed. Now she’s torn between the feelings she’s beginning to have for Adam, and the fact that he lives in a world she’s not sure she can be a part of.

Secrets of the Wolf

While private investigator, Libby Fox, is still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that vampires exist and that she actually has feelings for one of them, she’s drawn into yet another case where there’s more to her client that meets the eye. When Blake Harding walks into her office, hiring her to find a secret book very important to his family, Libby has no idea of the danger involved. She learns that there are things out there more dangerous than vampires as she searches for the Secrets of the Wolf.

Search for the Vampires’ Curse

The third and final novella of the Libby Fox Series, Search for the Vampires’ Curse, takes Libby, Adam, and friends from the bayous of Louisiana to the rain forest in Brazil. In this story, the search for the deadly cross introduced in book one continues. Meanwhile, Libby and Adam continue to question whether or not a relationship between them is possible. Will Libby take a chance and ignore her fears, or will she let Adam go for good? Find out the answers in the conclusion of the Libby Fox series.



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