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So I just found out yesterday that the cover I just finished for Lauralynn Elliott’s Loving the Dead and the UnDead is the 3000th (that’s right there are 3 zeroes there) that cover model Jimmy Thomas is on.  

I am beyond excited.  I mean besides that the man is the best eye-candy I’ve ever had the pleasure to look at. **drooling here** (where’s my drool cloth…heehee) He is also the sweetest guy out there in the romance novel community.  He informed me that the cover I just did was his 3000th and that he was going to plaster it everywhere!  So now it’s on his Facebook page and his website that he has setup RomanceNovelCenter.com so thousands of people are now seeing MY cover! 

I’ve already had another person interested in me doing a cover for them based on him posting the cover so this looks like it might help me win over some new clients!  I also hope that it will boost the sales of Lauralynn’s books as well.  How cool is that!  

Who knows maybe I have a chance yet of this becoming my full time job.  Although like they say if you love what you do then it’s not really a “job” is it? 😉

Ok going to go do some more happy dancing!  WooHoo!!!!