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So temps here in southeast Tennessee have been over 100 degrees for a  few weeks.  Which means the heat index is even higher.  Yuk!

Well, to make matters worse we had a freak gust storm last Thursday (with no rain, which we really need) and several counties in our area lost power due to trees down on power lines or power lines snapped by the wind.

So around 7pm last Thursday our power flickered a few times then it was gone.  No lights, no water (since we are on a well) and no air conditioner. 😦

So here it is Saturday evening at 10:00pm and our power just came back on 2 hours ago.  Can you say 2 days of MISERABLE???  At least we are lucky enough to have a generator which allowed us to plug up a few necessities like the refrigerator and some fans. (oh and the coffee pot, tv and internet every so often – priorities ya know -HA ).  So we would get things cooled off as much as possible then unhook the generator and move it to the well house so that we could shower, flush the toilets and fill up jugs of water.  Then we unhooked it again and brought it back to the house before it could heat up too much from the fans being off.

By the way, did you know that fans don’t work so well in this hot and humid weather?  It just moves hot air around.  Bleh!

But, I am rejoicing now in the coolness that is finally working its way through our house and the ability to take a cold shower to cool off.  Yay!

I just want to say one thing though.  The electrical linemen that have work out in this horrible weather to get our power restored are due a huge THANK YOU!  They work out there 24/7 to get everyone’s power back up and running and get very little thanks and a whole lot of negative response from people.  They can only work so fast and some of these areas that have to be fixed are very hard to get to.  Yet they do their job and try to ignore the bad attitudes of selfish people.

 I don’t call and complain because it’s possible they may be helping restore power to some poor elderly person’s home that just can’t deal with the high heat or someone with medical problems that needs their electricity to run equipment that could mean the difference between life and death.  I can deal with a little inconvenience so that others can get the help they need.

Hopefully everyone else gets their power restored soon.  I think they said it may be Monday before everyone’s power is completely fixed.

I tried to work on a couple of book covers today but it was just too hot to really concentrate on it without getting a headache.  Maybe I can do some more tomorrow.  Have I said lately how much I love creating book covers?  So much fun and stress relieving.  I wish I could do this full-time.  Sigh….maybe one day.

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend.  Mine is definitely looking better than it started!