Today I have author Gilly Fraser on my blog.  Enjoy her guest post.

Hello – and thank you very much for inviting me to be a guest on your blog – I’m honoured to be here.

Gilly Fraser's author photoLet me introduce myself – my name is Gilly Fraser, but until a few years ago I was known by another name in the world of romantic fiction. As Rachel Elliot, I had nine books published by Harlequin Mills and Boon, and I truly loved writing for them.

Now I’m self-publishing under my own name. I’ve brought out two books so far – ‘Forbidden Love’ and ‘The Best Afternoon Ever.’ They’re both collections of short stories and very romantic. Two more are in the pipeline – so watch this space!

If you were to rank my books on a curry scale, with korma at one end and vindaloo at the other – they’d probably be a tikka masala. Sweet and spicy enough to curl your toes – but not blisteringly hot enough to blow your socks right off!

I’m a wholehearted defender of the whole romantic genre. Some people can be very condescending about those who read romantic fiction, and downright dismissive of those who write it. They seem to think there’s something odd in books about love, emotion and good honest passion. Yet they would happily sit down to read about blood and gore and death and destruction and think that was perfectly acceptable. We’re definitely odd critters, we humans.

I’m a huge fan of several American writers – I love the natural, easy flow of their writing and the way their characters come to life as real, vivid people. I suppose my top favourite would be Nora Roberts, but several others are within reaching distance of grabbing her crown!

That’s the wonderful thing about visiting blogs like this one – it’s a great way to discover new books and writers. So – now I’m here I’m just going to wander around for a little while. In fact I may be gone sometime, but don’t bother sending out a search party for me. So long as I’m among books and writers – I’ll be right at home!

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